Department of "Electrification and automation of agriculture"

Nurov Bahriddin

NUROV Bahriddin Zaidulloevich, 
head of the Department of Electrification and automation of agriculture, candidate of technical sciences, docent

In 1990 the first time the university has received 1 course of 50 students majoring 7406050102  "Electrification and automation of agriculture ." In 1991-1992, head of the department " Electrification and Automation of Agriculture" was Doctor of Technical Sciences Khidiyatullin RG, in the years 1992-2008 directed the Department Ph.D., associate professor Yuldashev Z.I., now head of the department is the candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor B.Z. Nerov. 

Because of the increasing number of items by function and workload and not grasp the amount of teachers in 1992-1998 years on faculty were invited to work with teachers Tajik Technical University and Research Institute G. Rakhimov   Shuhiev S., Amirbahshov D., Yarmonova Sh., Tahirov A., Ikromov R.Z., Jalilov R., and S. Yusupov. 

Teachers of the department teach classes at the faculty "Mechanization of agriculture" and in the correspondence department of the university. In 1995, the first graduates of the specialty 7406050102  "Electrification and Automation of Agriculture" was successfully defended their thesis projects . 

With the increasing number of teaching load specialty 7406050102 "Electrification and Automation of Agriculture " in 2005-2006 at the faculty " Mechanization of agriculture" was founded a new department of " Fundamentals of the theory of electronic engineering ", which has a huge impact on improving quality education experts in the field of agribusiness. 

Teachers of the department published 21 lecture topics in subjects, 32 manuals, 92 scientific reports. 

Scientific theme of young teachers of the department "Improving fruitful protective asynchronous motors from emergency mode, used in agriculture." Teachers of the department pledged to work on the new theme: "Energy and electricity power technological processes in agriculture of the Republic of Tajikistan". In recent years, teachers of the department defended his thesis 1 and 2 are preparing to defend PhD theses. 

The department works closely with the Tajik Technological University, with the State Agrarian University of St. Petersburg of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tajikistan with the power companies.

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