Department of Logistics in the Agro-Industrial Complex

SHUKUROV Komil Ibragimovich, 

head of the Department of Logistics  in the Agro-Industrial Complex, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor


The Department of Logistics in the Agro-industrial Complex was established by the decision of the Academic Council of the Tajik Agrarian University named after Sh. Shotemur in the December 30, 2021. Since the foundation of the department, it has been headed by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Shukurov K.I. Currently, at the department work associate professor Shukurov K.I., assistants Kurbonova F.K., Sattorov Yu.A., Murodalieva S.M. and Munieva P.T.

At the initiative of the department starting from 2021 specialists are being trained at the Faculty of Agribusiness in the specialty "Logistics in the agro-industrial complex" and "Farmer-manager".

Graduates of specialties 1-26020324 and 1-74013126 work in various sectors of the national economy of the Republic of Tajikistan. Logistics is a relevant specialty in the field of effective planning, management and control of the processes of movement of materials, labor, information flows in production systems, circulation of goods and services. The profession of a logistician involves a complete mindset of moving goods from point A to point B with minimal time and money.

The department has developed new educational programs that reflect the needs of modern society and correspond to the process of educational programs and new standards of higher education in the country.

 The teaching staff of the department on the basis of new programs in almost all faculties of the university teaches in the disciplines of "Logistics", "Commercial Logistics", "Project Analysis", "Research of Market Operations", "Agricultural Markets", "Agricultural Cooperation", "Creation of Joint Ventures" , "Forecasting economic processes", etc.

At present, from the side of associate professor Shukurov K.I., and assistants Kurbonova F.K., Sattorov Yu.A., Murodaliyeva S.M. and Munieva P.T. model curricula for academic subjects have been developed. The teachers of the department also developed guidelines for educational and industrial practice, methodical and indicative guidelines for marketing.

Along with educational and methodological work, teachers of the department constantly carry out research work.

The topic of research works is in demand and corresponds to modern trends in the country's market economy. Market processes and production are being researched in modern economic conditions. On these issues have been published 4 monographs, more than 20 brochures and more than 120 scientific articles. In addition, the teaching staff of the department participates in international, republican and university conferences.