Professional Development Department

In the 2017-2018 academic year, changes were made in the structure of the Tajik agrarian University. Sh. Shotemur. This change was made to the Charter of the state institution of Tajik agrarian University. Sh. Shotemur and this Charter approved by the government of the Republic of Tajikistan on August 01, 2018, №376.

Job of Head of Centre shall be under the guidance of the Rector of university, in close cooperation with the Vice-Rector on innovative technologies of training in other departments and public union structures.  Since 2018, the head of the Department of professional development Saidmuradova G. T.


  • The main goals of the work of the Career Center, and innovation is:
  • Complex support of students and graduates in the field of career education;
  • Providing versatile services on the planning and career development;
  • Help students and graduates to achieve career goals.
  • Formation of skills of the students and graduates with the aim of improving the competitiveness of the labor market;
  • Conducting job fairs for employment of students and graduates in the labor market.

Tasks of  Career Center and Innovation on direction - Career Guidance:

  • Provision of information on the trends, forecasts the development of employment market;
  • Training methods of building business career;
  • Monitoring of the labor market for the demand of those or other specialties;
  • Providing complex of services to obtain the skills necessary for employment.
  • Creating and maintaining information data base about the graduates and employers related to career and career opportunities.
  • Provision of educational services by educational programs (workshops, seminars, training courses) aimed at finding decent job, development and improvement of professional competencies, an effective career development.

Tasks of Career Center and Innovation   by destination - employment:

  • Establishing and maintaining contacts with employers for cooperation in training for the labor market;
  • Implementation of the data collection, processing and dissemination of information related to the continuation of the studies, employment, practice / training, social programs and projects;
  • Facilitating graduates adapt to the qualification requirements of employers;
  • Establishing links and cooperation with business, and government agencies, international organizations and NGOs with a view to the employment of students and graduates;
  •  Assist in the planning and realization of future graduates career.

Tasks Career Center and Innovation  by destination - professional self-determination:

  • Organization of actions for career development and employment (career and job fairs, days of career opportunities, company presentations and specialties);
  • Formation of professional competence of students and masters, the relevant requirements of the market;
  • Providing assistance services to find work for students and graduates;
  • Creating a resource and information base, ensuring efficient operation of the Centre;
  • Providing opportunities for professional growth, including practice / internships, and community service / volunteer activities of students and graduates.