Education department

Training, teaching in the University is part of the curriculum using the planning, organizing , monitoring, coordination of training activities and control over them.

Educational activity is the implementation of the legal acts of the State in higher education , which are reflected in the content of the quality of teaching .

The structure of the curriculum includes training department, methodical council , the center control over the quality of training and assessment for the knowledge of students , the Department of the credit training, advisory Registration Office, the Judiciary Department , Department of learning from experience in the branch TAU Dangarinskiy district.

Educational process in the day department passes on a bachelor's degree (4 one-year ) credit training, traditional (5 summer ) and Master (2 years). The correspondence department taken by students in the field.

Training part directs its activities to planning, organizing, monitoring, coordination of training activities, quality control, according to national standards of higher education RT about the specialties of the university.

One of the main structural parts of the training department is to determine the main directions of improving the training of professionals , training project planning training activities , schedule training sessions , the results of the outcome of the examination session, state certification , working out recommendations on the search for new methods of learning, improving the quality of training and the introduction of credit system of education, coordination of specialized departments and management departments in organizing and conducting training , industrial practice.

Scientific and Methodological Council , which supervises the work of Vice Rector for Academic Affairs , in his collecting of experienced professors and teachers , young professionals, constantly holding discussions on the quality of the learning process and how to enable new methods of conducting classes . Curricula, materials and textbooks are published in the university after the recommendation and approval of the Academic Council . In recent years, scientific- methodical council in conjunction with the training part of the project provided the minimum requirements for the content of the state educational standards of higher education RT about the specialties needed in the university curriculum of full-time and part-time academic degree separation specialists , academic bachelor's degree graduate plan academic for approval to the Ministry of Education.

In recent years, developed material and technical base TAU them Shirinshoh Shotemur - students provided educational buildings , research and educational laboratories , methodical and language laboratories , a reading room and a yard, dining room and dormitory.

One indicator of the development of the university can be considered an improvement of the material and technical base. If in 1931 the Agricultural Institute in Khujand had one training building , now at his disposal - 12 academic buildings . Progressively ensuring logistics contributes of profession, departments and faculties.

In the 30 years due to lack of skilled professionals in the university were involved experts from other universities of the USSR . If in the years 1931-1937 in 19 departments worked 32 full-time teachers (2 of them - the candidate and assistant professor) in 4 specialties , in the 2014-2015 academic year, in 52 operating departments to 476 staff positions, including 2 Academician RT, 4 corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, 47 - doctors of Science, 152 - candidate of sciences.

To implement the decisions of the Government of the Republic of  Tajikistan, the State program on the state of modern agribusiness highly qualified specialists university administration takes the necessary measures . In 1991 the University of trained specialists in 10 specialties, and in 1992-2001 , these 10 specialties - "Electrification and Automation of Agriculture ", " Construction of hydraulic structures ", " Breeding and genetics of crops ", " Planning ", "Organization of farmers farms"," Mechanization, processing of agricultural products "," Technology of storage and processing of fruits "," Marketing in the agricultural sector "," Forestry "," production Technology ", then from 2002 to the present time have been opened esche11 specialties " Finance and credit in agriculture " , " Management in the agricultural sector "," Silkworm "," Agroecology "," Integrated Use and Protection of Water Resources ", " Beekeeping "," Animal Health "," Fishery "," Poultry "," Landscape Construction " "Geodesy" , and in 2012 another 7 integrated specialties.

By an order of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan for the number 923 dated 04.07.2007 , on " Transition of higher vocational institutions to a single global system of education " and the decision of the Scientific Council of the University ( protocol number 1 from 28.09.2007 years) with the 2006-2007 school year was done complete transition to the credit system of education specialty 25010715 ( 0620 ) "Management in Agribusiness ."

To gradually move to the credit system of education departments were made operational programs ( syllabus ) in academic subjects at six months ( semester) . On this basis, in 2009-2011, spent part of the curriculum of St. Division credit training seminars with university professors . At these seminars , mainly explained the ways and means of employment on credit system of education , the importance and principles of the credit system, the main differences of the credit system from the traditional system , drawing on the work programs ( syllabus ) , rating and exam questions about the methods of  classes ( lectures , workshops and seminars ) and extracurricular classes ( PPRA, CDS, use of the Internet ).

Based on the Decree of the Government of the RT № 254 of 29.04.2009 "On Approval of the State Program on the Development of Education of RT 2010-2015 years. " And the Decree of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan for the number 923 dated 04.07.2007 , on " Transition of higher vocational institutions to a single global system of education "in the 2011-2012 academic year, taking into account the material and technical basis of national education and the university opened the way for students to study in any field in the credit system.  Daylight professional institutions of higher learning to a new system of education,  in the credit system of education , is an introduction to the new system.

Preparatory work for the university regulations, training for teachers, engaging them in training courses on credit system of education, training curricula, detailed work programs on subjects ( syllabus ) Routine test subject teacher (control) issues, preparing management training unit, faculty, academic advisors ( advisors ), training methods advisors make plans for the summer semester ( trimesters) , and other activities are the main course in the transition to the new system of education. One of the most privileged areas of teaching work is the gradual development of the material - technical base of the learning process,  providing it with modern technical means. In this direction also applies computerization program of the learning process. Education Computer Technology delivered on all university faculties, which enables teachers and students to explore new and innovative techniques that enhance in turn information level students.

At the moment the university has 380 computers with all the necessary equipments, 15 computer rooms, two language laboratories, an electronic library and the 2 cabinets with electronic board , including 45 computers connected to the Internet.

University education in full-time and correspondence courses are conducted in Russian and Tajik languages. Due to the demands of agriculture for highly qualified professionals and government decrees increased the number of university students has opened up new specialty in accordance with the requirements of a market economy. Indicators of increasing the number of students TAU are: in 1931-1932 academic year - 336 students, and in the 2012-2013 academic year - 7375 students.

At this time, the university students from all regions of the country and the world's five states.

Students are teaching industrial practice to implement theoretical knowledge into practice in accordance with the requirements of the curriculum. One of the problems of the credit training is the relationship between science and production. This allows professionals to acquire good skills.

Senior students pass their practical work on a contractual basis based on the training and production farms University ( Hissar and Javan ) for advanced farms republic GESah, industrial enterprises , financial institutions , research institutes and APA AN RT.

The cooperation is also on the faculties of foreign students study and practical work , depending on the specialization , research institutes Republic of Iran, the U.S., Sweden, Germany, in the higher schools of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, etc.

At TAU named after  Sh.Shotemur works multistage system of education, in particular, each specialty credit training program covers its operating academic bachelor's degree and graduate .

Currently, post-graduate students in the learning process used lectures such famous teachers as Kosimov Dzh.K., GAFFAROV A.K.,  T.N. Nabiyev., Idiev H.U., Madaminov A.A. , Komilov D.C. Karomatulloev E.S., each of which is a great asset of scientific pedagogy.

Efforts and results of scientific-methodological innovation of teachers positively influence students' knowledge, and gradually improve the quality of education.

Pedagogical team pays great attention to measures of expanding horizons of students , attaches special importance to studies on a special course , laboratory and Seminar lessons , exercise control and independent works . Students under the guidance of experienced teachers write dissertations and master's projects and defended before the State Certification Commission. The practical implementation of instructions of the President Emomali Rahmon on "ensuring transparency and reality entrance exams and the learning process " ( TSU. M.Osimi from 17.04.2004g). And on " quality assurance of education and training to improve the level of education , belief, national self-knowledge, patriotism and civic responsibility "( Speech by the President of RT for Parliament, from 30.04.2007) for the fourth year and really transparent accepted testing exams . In order to implement the decision of the Scientific Council of the University "On admission exams students testing method ( computer) and evaluating the level of students 'knowledge ' was opened a computer center control over the knowledge of students and one equipped with computers office.

One of the ways to attract young people to study in universities is capable of receiving young people from distant regions of the republic by the Presidential quota. Reception girls under the quota for various specialty acts since 1997. In TAU by the Presidential quota enrolled 277 students , 10 of them are excellent students . Among students have boys and girls , who won prizes at national competitions and contests.

Throughout the years, the vice-rector for academic affairs occupied such prominent teachers as Kasimov Dzh.K . ( 1960- 1973). , Eshonov I. ( 1973- 1975). , Madaminov A.A. ( 1973- 1989). , Eshonov I. (1982 - 1986. ) Rizoev A.B. (1986 - 1995 . ) Nimadzhanova K.N. (1995 -1999 . ) SARDOR M.N. ( 1999- 2002). , S.M. Gulov (2002-2009 g ) . Salimov A.F. (2009-2013) . From 2013 to present, this position is held Mahmadyorzoda U.M.