On the 15.10.2019 in the base of Tajik Agrarian University named after Shirinshoh Shohtemur was meeting for opening and implementation of new project “WOMEN AS THE MOVING POWER FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF AGRICULTURE” in the meeting participated women, female students, professors and teachers of our university, at first professor Salimzoda Amonullo Faizullo Rector of our university opened the ceremony and noted, that from Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Tajikistan in the framework of project “Development of high education ”  competitive grant program, which is financing by the World Bank was announced and the aim of this project is involving the girls for the getting high education and provide the good condition in the base of our country’s universities.

In this grant program the staffs of International Relation department of our University applied the project “WOMEN AS THE MOVING POWER FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF AGRICULTURE” and the evaluation Commission gave a positive assessment to this project. Then the Manager of the project Vice-rector on International Relation Bobokhonova Z.K. made presentation about the project and implementation of the project and she explained about the main goals of the project, she noted, that development mechanism of involvement of girls to the high and professional’s education also how to increase their number and ways to encourage them to enter the University, also, the implementation of the project will be carried out through such activities:


  • Preparation of agitation materials in the specialties of the University,  types of education, living conditions in the hostel and preparation of videotape on educational, scientific, educational activities to involve the girls enter to our University;
  • Organization and conducting of training-seminars to learn the latest technologies for the purpose of improve the professional skills of girls;
  • Creation of a center for information and training in the women's hostel in order to increase the level of knowledge, mastering foreign languages, information and communication technologies;
  • Organization and cosmetic repair of domestic rooms and provision of necessary equipment to improve living conditions for girls;
  • Preparation of professional specialists for the competition on the labor market and successful completion of the University;
  • In accordance with this, the Ministries of agriculture, economy and trade, energy and water resources and provide the girls with job.
  • Carry out the learning seminars in gender problems;
  • Preparation the students for the iterance exams in National Testing Center.
  • Registrate and pay for 25 girls in National Testing Center.
  • The selection girls to the learning courses.