Geoinformational laboratory

The Laboratory was founded in 2008, supported the project with Temp- 2008 " and the European Commission . Head of the Laboratory of Art. lecturer, Department of


"Planning" Kodyrova W, which has contributed to the development and operation of the project.

This laboratory is the first in the Asian region and R.T.

Laboratory is equipped with a powerful technical training facilities , including 13 laptop "server" which controls the operation of all other kompiyuterov modern surveying instrument of the number DES (2 pieces ? Electronic tachymeter nivimry (6 pieces), and supporting electronics, COMPUTER Program" Geomatics " Argis " that meet European standards.

Center provides training for students, masters and PhD students, applicants exact sci- Geoinformatics, Geodesy, Photogrammetry and analysis of scientific research. Laboratory capabilities in practical teaching process widely used.