Faculty of Accounting and Finance

 Dean Olimov Alovuddin Khayrulloevich Candidate of Economic Sciences 

The department Accounting and Finance founded by the decision of the Board of the Ministry of Education from 03.04.2006 № 8/9 year and also by the decision  of the Academic Council of Tajik Agrarian University (Meeting  №5 from 22.12.2006.) On the base of the Faculty of Economics was founded a new Accounting and Finance Department. The head of the faculty is the Candidate of Economic Sciences Olimov Alovuddin Khayrulloevich

Faculty prepares specialists in the following departments:

"Finance and Credit in agriculture" trains specialists which can work with manufacturing enterprises with financial institutions and the central division and other forms of capital.

- "Accounting and auditing" teaches students the theoretical and practical skills of accounting in accordance with international standards.

In the structure of the faculty there are 5 departments - "Accounting and audit", "Finance and Credit in agriculture", "Economic Analysis and Statistics", "Information technology in agriculture", "Philosophy and Political Science", which employs 63 teachers, including 3 professors, 14 candidates of sciences and associate professors, 20 senior  teachers and 26 assistant.

 In a present time in faculty about 717 students. By the specialty «Finance and credit in agriculture" are training 428 students». «Accounting and auditing» 289 students, in the correspondence department of our faculty studying about 544 students. 326 students in «Finance and credit in agriculture", 218 students in "Accounting and auditing».     

At faculty such prominent professors and experienced teachers as Sharifov Z.R, Idiev HU, Nazirov A.A, Shukurov M.Sh., Elmurodov Z.E, Dadaboev O.D, M. Saidov S., Olimov AH, Kurbonov KY, Yuldosheva NK, Badalova BA, SK Hakimzoda

Faculty members who have set themselves the task of improving the quality of primary education students comprehensively make an effort in the preparation of highly qualified personnel in accordance with time. For the purpose of analysis and study of the state of agricultural development of the republic, as well as new and effective ways to develop agriculture based on accurate analysis of practical performance management has been fixed for each of the Department of certain subjects.