Department of machines and equipment for technological processing in agricultural engineering


KHODZHIEV Bakhtier Boboevich,
head of the department of machines and equipment for technological processing in agricultural engineering,candidate of technical sciences, docent


The Department of Agricultural Machines and the mechanization of the processing of products was established in 2016 as a result of the merger of the Department of Agricultural and Land Reclamation Machines and the mechanization of livestock farms. Scientists such as: professors Trevas A.B., Akunov T.I., Akhmadov B.R., Shamsiev N., associate professors Emets G.A., Anisimov A.M., Pulodov A., Teshaev S., Madaleev A.M., Sobirov A.S., Hikmatov R., Oksenin A.A., Rabkov V.S., Ryazan A.A., Rizbina U.E., Safonov I.E., Tolmachev G.A., Djuraev O., Yuldoshev RZ, Obidov A., Tiloev S.S., Kamolov M.K., Popov V.F. , Shukurov A.V., Dzhuraev Kh., Barfakov I., Makhmudov S., Dribbins Yu., Nizomidinov Kh., Mukhyantsev Yu., Idiatulin I., Levashkin I.I., Uzakbev G., Gozyev M., Gafarov A.A., Safardam T., Hasanov F., Homijonov Kh., Makhkamboev I., Aminzhonov Kh., Kayumov MM, Hodzhiev B. B., Zaripov A. A. and Amirov N.S. made a huge contribution to the development of the department.

Currently, doctors of technical sciences, professors Akhmadov B.R., Akunov T.I., associate professor Khodzhiev B.B., Safarov M., Madaliev A., N., Nurov B.Z., candidates of agricultural sciences Yunusova S.S., Gulov T.N., Senior Lecturers Nazarov SS, Zaripov A.A. and assistant Bahrullo H. work at the department.

On the basis of the department there are three industrial parks, more than 80 agricultural machines and devices for processing products; an agricultural processing plant; and five specialized classrooms with equipment, posters, and illustrative materials that are widely used in the educational process and research.

During the course, students effectively use 16 textbooks in the state language, 73 teaching aids, 380 publications in the state language, 460 types of video conferences and more than 530 presentations.

There are three branches at the department: Dushanbeagroservice, Center for Mechanization and New Technologies, TAAS, State Unitary Enterprise "MADAD".

Teachers of the department of agricultural machinery and mechanization of processing products conduct research on the topic "Improving agricultural machinery and equipment for processing products"