Department of "Crop Рroduction"

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QURBONOVA Barno Abduganevna,
head of Department of Crop production, the candidate of agricultural Sciences, associate Professor

The introduction of the plant growing course began in 1934, which was organized on the basis of the multi-branch department of the plant growing of cotton growing and seed breeding in 1940 years. In 1965, the department was transformed into an independent department. For the first time, the following persons headed the department, Associate Professor P.K. Makarovich (1940-1942), then Professor V.M. Rumyantsev (1942-1943), associate professors Kh. I. Tregulov, P.G. Chmelev and A.P. Ermolenko. In the period 1957-1965, the department was headed by a well-known scientist, breeder, professor Nagibin Ya.D.; In the years 1965-1993 Honored Agronomist of the Republic of Tajikistan, Professor Kasymov DK, also associate professors A. Kholmatov (1993-1998), Professor T.A. Bukhoriev (1998-2001), professor Makhmadyorov U.M. (2001-2005), associate professor Jabborov T.D. (2005-2013), docent Sharipov N.S. (2013-2017), docent Qurbanova B. (2017-2018). Rashidova M.M. (2018-2019)/  Since 2019, Associate Professor Rashidova M.M. has been in head of the Department of Plant Production.

At present, in 7 subjects, the faculty is conducting classes, like Academician Nabiyev TN, Professor Makhmaderzoda U.M., Assistant Professors Jabborov TD, Rashidova MM, Kurbanova B.A., Assistants Nasriddinov K A. and Zohidov B.M.

The department is an important research center in the crop industry; prominent scientists, such as Masaidov R. S., Bukhoriev, TA, Shukurov R. E., Ermolenko, AP, Nevzorov, V.V., Kholmatov, A.Kh., engaged in labor activity., Ismoilov I.I., Boisariev I.E., Filimonova N.F., Piksaeva I., Polishchuk F.N. and others.

The department is specialized for the preparation of graduates in the specialty 740201- "Agronomy". There are 2 educational and scientific laboratories аt the department.

The teaching staff of the department is engaged in research work on the theme: “Improving cultivated crops with the aim of increasing yields in the conditions of irrigated land in Tajikistan.” 6 educational books, 5 monographs were published. 8 guidelines, 167 articles, 11 recommendations. Also, according to the results of scientific work has a copyright certificate.

The scientists of the department are also one of the authors of the wheat variety “Sadokat”. They have completed scientific studies on the subject of receiving two crops of grain per year per unit of hectare, the introduction of a seedling method of growing grain crops.