Department of Chemistry


BOBIEV Kholmurod Abduvadudovich,

cfndidate of chemical sciece, docent, the head of department

 The Department of Chemistry as a general education department was formed in 1931 and is the same age as the agrouniversity. Over the years, the department was headed by associate professors I. Shafershtein. (1957-1959), Haimov I.N. (1959-1967), Sobirov S.S. (1967-1969),  N.Yormatov (1970-1981), IsmoilovS.Ya. (1981-1986), Bondar V.V. (1986–1991),  Jalolov S.S. (1991–1993), Idrisov T.Ch. (1993–1994, 2007-2012), Professor Yusupova N.A. (1994–2003),  associate professors Karimov Gh. (2003-2007), Professor Idrisov T.CH. (2007-2012). From 2012 to the present, the department is headed by Associate Professor Bobiev Kh.A.Currently, the department employs 13 teachers, of which 1 professor Idrisov T.Ch., 4 BobievKh.A., Samiyev M., Valiev R., Nizomov I.M., 2 senior teachers Zoirov Z. , Yorova B. and 6 assitants Sulaimonova R., Azamov S., Khudoerbekova S., Soliev J., Sangov M.M. and Kudratulloev Y.

The department has 7 specialized laboratories equipped with modern equipment and teaching aids. The department provides the educational process in 7 engineering and biological faculties of full-time and distance education in the Tajik and Russian languages. In the classroom are widely used technical training tools, including computers and electronic boards.

Teachers of the department conduct scientific and methodological studies on the following issues: "Synthesis and study of complexes of physiologically active microelements", "Study of the chemical composition of the water of the Varzob river", "Effect of mineral fertilizers on the growth and productivity of industrial crops." According to the results of the research, the teachers of the department make scientific reports at international and republican scientific conferences and symposiums. In recent years, according to the results of research work, the staff of the department published more than 100 scientific articles and obtained 10 certificates of authorship.

In recent years, teachers of the department have written and published in the state language textbooks and teaching aids in all disciplines taught at the department: "Chemistry", "Inorganic Chemistry", "Organic Chemistry", "Biochemistry", "Basics of General and Physical Colloidal Chemistry", " Hydrochemistry "," Physico-chemical methods of analysis "," Chemistry of the elements "and a number of manuals for the implementation of laboratory and independent work.

Over the years, Yusupova N.A., Haimov I.N., YormatovN.Ye., Sobirov S.S., Bondar V.V., Umarov S., Malakhova S.I., Fazylova M worked very fruitfully at the department in different years. They are proud of the teaching staff of the department.

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