Department of “Botany and Agricultural Ecology”

Sulaymonova I


SULAYMONOVA Ibodat Dilbarshoevna,

head of the department of botany and agricultural ecology, candidate of agricultural sciences

One of the first departments of the university, founded in 1931, was called Botany and Plant Physiology. In 1938, it was renamed the department "Botany and Microbiology", and after in 1988 - "Botany and Agricultural Ecology". The first head of the department was teacher V.S. Shultkov (1931), then the department was headed by: V. Gorodetsky (1931-1932), S.S. Moskachenko (1932-1947), P.P. Chuvaev (1974-1952), Professor O. Shukurov (1952-1958) Yu.V. Medvedev (1958-1965), associate professor Heydarov (1965-83), Yunusov S.A. (1983-2006, 2009-2012), Davlatov S.Kh. (2006-2009). From 2012 to 2018, the department was headed by Associate Professor Mirzoev I.A.

Since September 2018, Ph.D. Sc., Associate Professor Sulaimonova I.D. At the department, scientific and pedagogical activities were carried out by such scientists-teachers as: Associate Professor N.I. Isoev, L.S. Iskhokova, I.Sh., M.M. Makhbubov, professor S. Rakhimov G., Rakhmihudoev U., Kholdorov N.A. Akhmedov, Bobojonov V.A., Davlatzoda S., Gafurova M.Kh., Rizoeva M.R.

Currently working here: Associate Professors: Sulaymonova I.D., Mirzoev I.A., Akramov U.Kh., Vohidova K.A., Komilzoda A.D., Rahmatov A.Sh., teachers: Azamov U.О., Rasulov M..Z., Saidov S.E., Shozieva Ch.P., Kuliev K.Kh, Gairatov K.Kh., Naruzshoeva M.Kh. and Tavakalshoeva Sh.Kh.

The scientists of the department have prepared a series of scientific publications, such as: "Identification of the plants of the Varzob river basin", "The Red Book of the Tajik SSR", "Agricultural Ecology", "Botany Part 1 and 2", "The Red Book of Tajikistan" and "Flora of Tajikistan".

The department specializes in training personnel in the specialty 330106 - "Agricultural Ecology". The department has 3 classrooms, each of which is equipped with technical equipment.

The scientists of the department, over the past four years, have conducted research in the field of "Agroeconomic assessment of the factors of life and productivity of crops." Based on the results of scientific work, 4 monographs, 4 textbooks, 12 manuals, 200 scientific articles and 1 recommendation, including 2 copyright certificates, were published.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Independence of Tajikistan and the 90th anniversary of the Tajik Agrarian University named after Shirinsho Shotemur, teachers of the department were awarded a diploma from the Committee for Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Tajik Agrarian University named after Shirinsho Shotemur.

Today, the staff of the department conducts scientific research on the topic: "Climate resistance to sowing crops."