Department of "Physical Education and Health Center"

Physical education classes at the university conducted since the early days of education, and was a part of the military department. Since 1951 the department became independent. The first head was Rudin V.Z. Currently heads the department Honored Master of Sports, associate professor Nazarov I.N.

During the existence of the university sports team not once received the title of champion of the USSR and the Republic of Tajikistan. Our athletes have actively participated in shows devoted to the 1100th anniversary of I. Somoni. as well as in urban and Republican Games on various important dates, where they placed.

The university administration pays great attention to the development of physical education and healthy life for all students and teachers. Every year there are organized the kinds of sports such football, mini football, table tennis, volleyball, chess, national wrestling and other sports.

It should be noted that this year was a major overhaul of the sports complex, where there are sports clubs for teachers and students.