Department of "Farm machinery and land reclamation"

The department was founded in 1946. The head of the department is associate professor Khodzhiev B.B. At present, the department taught Doctor of Technical Sciences AA GAFAROV Professor Ahunov TI, Associate Professor Safarov senior teachers Amirov NF, BZ Nurov assistants Khodzhiev BB, AA Rakhimov

 Just teachers of the department are the authors of several inventions, patents and certificates of Tajikistan and the Russian Federation. Among them Ahunov T.I., Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences - winner of 3 copyright certificates and 3patents, Doctor of Technical Sciences Gafarov A.A. 2- copyright certificates and 5patents, Ph.D., Associate Professor Safarov M - 11 patents; candidate of technology sciences, associate professor Yuldoshev RZ 2-copyright certificates, PhD, associate professor Sobirov A.S. - 2 copyright certificates, associate professor Shukurov A.V. - 3  certificates; Senior Lecturer Amirov N.R. - 7 patents, Senior Lecturer Nurov B.Z. -1 patent, candidate of technical science Khodzhiev B.B. 2-patent.

The teachers of chair the authors of 24 textbooks, 45 methodical books and more than 250 scientific articles.