Department of Exploitation and Hydromeliorative Systems

The Department was separated from the Department of Melioration and Geodesy in 1980 and became an independent department. From the first days until 2004, the position of head of the Department was candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor, Kholikov A. X. From the  2004-2007, the head of the department was candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor, Akramov A.A., and from 2007 to 2012, Safarov R. held the position. 

 Now the head of the department is Professor Rahmatullaev R. The working  staff of the Department consists of 8 people;  Professor Akramov A. A. Associate Professor, R. Safarov H. - senior teacher, Salikhbaev G,  Rakhimov, A. A., Negmatova F., also laboratory assistant Badriddinova B.

The number of scientific articles of the members of the Department since the formation till today is more than 360 units. All our staff efforts are directed to celebrate the announcement of "Decade of water the source of life" 2005-2015; the Teachers of the Department prepared more than 210 educational tools for quality employment in different subjects.