Department of Economic analysis and statistics


The Department began his activity in 1965 as the Department of Computing and mathematical Economics", headed by Professor Madaminov A. In September 1968, the Department was renamed and became known as the "Economic Cybernetics", the head was Ulmasov N. 

Teachers of the Department conduct research in order to effectively increase productivity in the agricultural sector of the Republic. In 2009-2013, the Department conducted research on "Financial analysis of agricultural enterprises".

In a present time in the faculty conducts scientific research of 6 students - applicants.. published 2 monographs. Associate Professors Elmurodov Z. and Rakhimov published a monograph on theme "The Effective use of agricultural resources." In the years 2000-2014 defended candidate thesis Abdualimov A., Kudratov R., Olimov A., Rakhimov J. The Department has a student scientific-social circle in which gifted students, conduct debates, discussions, share information on issues of economic analysis and ways to improve production efficiency in agriculture, under the guidance of experienced teachers .