Department "Tractors and cars"

The department was formed in September 1946. Head of the department is Ph.D., associate professor Kamolov T.M. In real time teachers of the department are working on the following research topics: "Ways of using alternative energy sources in the Republic of Tajikistan", "Development of methods for saving fuel - lubricants for tractor engines and increasing the technical - economic indicators of tractor diesel engines by improving the fuel supply system".


Department of "Accounting and Auditing"


Department of "Accounting and Audit" was founded in 1970. The first head was the candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Kazakov SK Since 2012 the department is headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor Sharifov Z.R.


Department of "Electrification and automation of agriculture"

In 1990 the first time the university has received 1 course of 50 students majoring - 3114 "Electrification and automation of agriculture ." In 1991-1992, head of the department " Electrification and Automation of Agriculture" was Doctor of Technical Sciences Khidiyatullin RG, in the years 1992-2008 directed the Department Ph.D., associate professor Yuldashev Z.I., now head of the department is the candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor Sh.I. Mirzoyev.


Department of "Farm machinery and land reclamation"

The department was founded in 1946. The head of the department is associate professor Khodzhiev B.B. At present, the department taught Doctor of Technical Sciences AA GAFAROV Professor Ahunov TI, Associate Professor Safarov senior teachers Amirov NF, BZ Nurov assistants Khodzhiev BB, AA Rakhimov


Department of "Physical Education and Health Center"

Physical education classes at the university conducted since the early days of education, and was a part of the military department. Since 1951 the department became independent. The first head was Rudin V.Z. Currently heads the department Honored Master of Sports, associate professor Nazarov I.N.


Department of "Technical service and repair of machines"

As a result of the merger of the department "Machine and Metal Technology" and the department "Exploitation machine and tractor fleet" in 2012, a new department of "Technical service and repair of machines", founded and the head of the chair is Ph.D., associate professor J.H. Mirakilov.


Department of Chemistry

Units of study in Agricultural Chemistry for Science students cover aspects of chemistry and biochemistry which are relevant in basic and applied biological sciences including agriculture, the environment and food science. Senior units of study include Chemistry and Biochemistry of Foods A and B (AGCH3025 and AGCH3026).


Department of Economic analysis and statistics


The Department began his activity in 1965 as the Department of Computing and mathematical Economics", headed by Professor Madaminov A. In September 1968, the Department was renamed and became known as the "Economic Cybernetics", the head was Ulmasov N. 


Department of English language

In 2002, the English Department was separated from the Department of languages into an independent Department under the faculty for foreign students, which until 2010 was headed by a senior teacher of Samsherov K. H. Currently, the head of Department is senior lecturer Shodiev J.


Department of Exploitation and Hydromeliorative Systems

The Department was separated from the Department of Melioration and Geodesy in 1980 and became an independent department. From the first days until 2004, the position of head of the Department was candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor, Kholikov A. X. From the  2004-2007, the head of the department was candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor, Akramov A.A., and from 2007 to 2012, Safarov R. held the position. 


Department of Finance and Credit in agriculture

 The department opened in May 2002 at the Department of "Accounting and Finance". Since the establishment till the 2006 the head of Department was, associate Professor Shukurov I.Sh. From the January 2007 till the November 2014 the head of the department was Candidate of Economic Sciences Olimov A.Kh. From November 2014 the head of the department is Boboev A.A.



  • Department of History and law

    Department of “History and law"


    The Department of  “History and law" was established in 1931. Currently, head of Department is Professor Bobokhonov M. B.. The teachers of the Department conduct classes to students of all disciplines in TAU named after Sh. Shotemur as follows: "History of the Tajik people", "Right", "Professional psychology" and "History of agriculture".

    The main direction of research work of teachers of the department is "Achievements of the Tajik people during the years of Soviet power and independence of the Republic of Tajikistan". In this regard, they conduct scientific research on the following topics:

    1. Historical conclusions of political repression in the 30-s and the post-war years.
    2.  Scientific and cultural cooperation of Tajikistan with foreign countries during the years of Soviet power and the independence of the Republic of Tajikistan.
    3.  The restoration of the historic traditions of the Tajik people in the years of independence.
    4.  Political and economic relations of independent Tajikistan with foreign countries.
    5.  The construction of huge structures and the success of independent Tajikistan.


    Throughout the activity the teachers of the department participated in various international conferences, including the scientific and practical conference in the city of Penza, St. Petersburg (Russia), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Kharkov (Ukraine).

    Currently Professor Bobohonov M.B. conducts scientific work on the theme "Scientific cooperation RT with Western Europe", associate professor Odinaev S.R. works on the theme "The contribution of higher education institutions in the training of qualified foreign specialists", Saburov A.S. conducts research on the theme "From the history of the formation of international relations RT in the years of independence."

    The department "History and Law" has a student scientific club "Tamaddun." In the last 5 years, the university students have been participating in the national competitions and won prizes.