Center for advanced training of personnel of AGRO

Mirzoev Idibek



 MIRZOEV Idibek Abdudzhabbarovich

Director of the Center of advanced training of personnel of agro-industrial complex at the University

The center of advanced training of personnel of agro-industrial complex at the Tajik agrarian University named after sh. Shotemur was established in 1985, with the aim of training and retraining for the production needs of specialists in agricultural sectors, in accordance with the introduction of new technologies and scientific achievements of local and foreign scientists. The center was established with the support of the University management on the basis of the approved plan in accordance with the decree of the Founder of peace and national unity, the Leader of the country, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, respected E. Rahmon, decree of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Ministry of education and science, the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Council of scientists of the University. The activity of the course is based on the application of scientific achievements of local and foreign scientists and the use of interactive teaching methods, training courses and seminars for specialists, farmers in various regions of the Republic, to improve the level of knowledge of specialists, in accordance with the training plan, after the course students are awarded certificates.

Training of highly qualified specialists that meet modern requirements in the new production conditions, mainly depends on the necessary changes in the system of retraining and advanced training of agricultural specialists.

Listeners of advanced training courses get acquainted with the achievements of modern science and technology, best practices in different sectors of agriculture, the latest methods of production management, planning, implementation of rental methods, organization of farms, joint stock companies, management, marketing, tax, customs law, psychology, teaching experience, privatization of property, ways of transition to a market economy. And also, the listeners  will improve their knowledge in the direction of ways of effective use of land, increasing crop yields, livestock, increasing the fertility of land, livestock, mechanization, production technology, agricultural land reclamation, the study of best practices of leading countries and the expansion of the worldview, and in the learning process, listeners get acquainted with the best practices of developed countries.

For training in the Center of advanced training and its branches are involved highly qualified professors of the University, as well as invited scientists from the Tajik Academy of agricultural Sciences (research Institute of crop production, forestry, land management, horticulture, veterinary medicine, animal husbandry), Tajikistan Academy of Sciences, national University of Tajikistan, State pedagogical University. S. Aini, employees of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Tajikistan and leaders of production. There are branches located in Sughd region (Khujand), Khatlon region (Bokhtar), in GBAO (Khorog), in Rasht region (Garm) at the Center for personnel development of agro-industrial complex. The main objectives of the branches are to conduct training courses, seminars and round tables.

Currently, the University cooperates with 130 foreign universities in the field of science and education.  Within the framework of this cooperation, under the agreement and international projects, students, undergraduates, graduate students and young scientists are sent to undergo practical training and exchange of experience (annual training), as well as to improve their skills.

The University management pays great attention to the Center of advanced training of agricultural personnel.   In modern conditions of globalization of the learning process, training of specialists, training of scientific personnel, scientific and pedagogical exchange of experience in all directions gives a good result.