Issoev U.P


ISOEV Umar Pirnazarovich,

head of the Department of energy funds and labour safety, candidate of technical sciences, docent


Department of energy funds and labour safety formed in December the year 2015 as a result of the merger of the departments of tractors and cars and labour safety.

Department of tractors and cars was founded in September 1946 year and Department of safety of vital functions in the year 1979.

At the moment, the department deals with the subjects of tractors and cars, fuels and lubricants, heat technology and heat use in agriculture, with the supply of heat in agriculture, safety of vital activity in production, safety of vital activity in emergency situations, ergonomics and psychology of engineering, the basics of safety from fire, assessment of working conditions, traffic rules, design of technology and safety equipment in KAS, civil defense, theory of combustion and explosion, noxology, organization and technology of labor safety, organization of labor safety.

Currently, the Department employs  dotsent Isoev U.P. – head of Department (from 2001). Kamolov T.M. (1982), Rizoev I.B. (1988), Nasredinov A.S. (1989), the senior teachers Mukhamadieva S.G. (2014), Boboev I.F. (2007),  аssistant Shokirhudzhaev A.A. (2007), JaborzodaN. J. (2010)/  

At the time of independence of the Republic of Tajikistan by the teachers of the Department are prepared to print 12 textbooks, methodical execution 6 coursework, 122 manuals to perform laboratory and practical classes and over 415 scientific articles.

The directions of the scientific work of the department are different, and it started in 1959 with the research of the work of diesel tractors in mountain conditions. Also, the department conducts research on the operation of tractor diesel engines on gas-diesel fuel, the lubrication of tractors in conditions of high temperature and dusty air, in the field of using solar energy for technological requirements of agriculture, the use of injectors, high-pressure fuel pumps and diesel engines in extreme conditions of the regions. cotton growers of Tajikistan, in the direction of evaluating the technical and economic indicators of the agricultural unit with a gas-turbine tractor and the safety of moving vehicles based on the analysis of their technical condition, the condition of labor protection in rental and agricultural farms.

At the moment, the teachers of the department under the leadership of the director docent Kamolov T. M. on the topics of "Development of ways to save fuel and lubricants for tractor engines and increase the efficiency of the fuel system", "Improving the lubrication system of tractors", "Increasing the energy efficiency of the production of agricultural products through the rational use of mechanical means", "Ways the use of alternative energy sources in Tajikistan", "Raising the level of safety of moving vehicles in KAS RT by improving engineering and technical methods and means of injury prevention" and "Prediction of emergency situations in the Republic of Tajikistan" are conducting research.

The department is in contact with scientists and scientific bases of the Technical University of Tajikistan named after M. Osimi, Agrarian University of St. Petersburg of the Russian Federation, Scientific Research Institute of Mechanics and Electrification of the North-East of the Russian Federation, Universities of the cities of Kassel, Berlin and Reutlingen of the Federal Republic of Germany and Kyrgyzstan. has scientific.

The department is closely related to production and includes the following areas: conducting methodological assistance with labor protection specialists of agricultural farms; providing practical assistance for the implementation of the labor protection management system in the university's educational institution; maintaining constant relations with the Technical Control Inspection of the Ministry of Agriculture, technical control of trade unions of agro-industry workers, departments of universities of the Republic; study of new achievements of science and advanced production in the field of occupational safety; introduction of devices for the use of renewable energy sources in the farms of the Republic of Tajikistan.

As a result of such cooperation, in 2018, a branch of the department was opened in the farm named after Latif Muradov, Hisar district, which helps to further improve the quality of training of specialists.

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