Rector, professor, doctor of agriculture science


 BOBOZODA Sharif Qanoatsho

Vice-rector of academic works, assistant professor, candidate of economy science



Vice-rector of scientific affairs, professor, the doctor of technical science

BOBOHONIEN Zebinisso Kara 

Vice-rector in flammatory work, assistant professor, candidate of agriculture science 

SAMANDARZODA Iskandar Husein

Vice-rector of international  affair,  professor, doctor of economical science



JAMSHEDZODA Khusrav Jamshed,

Vice-rector Deputy on Economics 


SOLIHOV Jamshed Mirzoevich,

Rector assistant, candidate of agriculture science


NEMATULLOEV  Sohirsho Saidakramovich

The dean of agribusiness faculty, assistant professor, candidate of agriculture science

Ruzimurod B

BOYMURODOV Ruzimurod Bobokalonovich,

The dean of agronomy faculty, assistant professor, candidate of agriculture science

SARIPOV Khurshed Burievich

The dean of an accounting and finance faculty, assistant professor, сandidate of political sciences

Khafizov T

HAFIZOV Toir Dodojonovich 

The dean of faculty of horticulture and biotechnology of agriculture, assistant professor, candidate of biological science


SATTOROV Shahriyor Jaborovich 

The dean of hydromeliorationfaculty, candidate of technical sciences

MASTOV Abdujabbor Jurabekovich 

The dean of zoo-engineering faculty, assistant professor, the doctor of agriculture science

OLIMOV Aloviddin Khairulloevich

The dean of economy faculty, assistant professor, candidate of economy science

MIRZOEV Mirasil Mahmadnazarovich 

The dean of land management faculty, candidate of technical sciences

MIRZOEV Shamsullo Izatovich

The dean of mechanization of agriculture faculty, candidate of technical sciences

Rahimov F

RAKHIMOV Firuz Fayzalievich,

The dean of Veterinary, assistant professor,  candidate of veterinary science